The Benefits of Long-Term Book Promotion


Explore author Amy Daughters’ journey with PR by the Book, showcasing the benefits of long-term book promotion, media engagement, social media strategy, and team support.

A Conversation with Amy Daughters

In the ever-evolving world of book promotion, persistence and a long-term strategy are essential. Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Amy Weinland Daughters, a valued client of PR by the Book (PRBTB), to discuss her experiences and insights. Amy’s journey with PRBTB began with her first book, Dear Dana, and continues with her latest release, You Cannot Mess This Up.



Embracing a Long-Term Approach to Book Promotion

Amy first approached PRBTB at the silver level of service for Dear Dana, but over time, she has escalated her promotional efforts to a higher tier with her new book. This transition highlights an important lesson: book promotion is not a sprint, but a marathon. Amy compares the process to riding a bike up a hill, where stopping midway could mean missing out on reaching the peak. She emphasizes that if she could go back, she would commit to a 9-12 month promotional plan for Dear Dana, underscoring the value of sustained effort.

Amy’s perspective is supported by her experiences with audience engagement. Seeing unfamiliar faces engaging with her book validated her efforts, proving that PRBTB’s advocacy and promotion were expanding her reach. This ongoing engagement is crucial, as it shows that the book is continuing to find new readers.

The Importance of Media Hits and Audience Reach

A key aspect of Amy’s promotional strategy has been leveraging various media opportunities. She points out that while high-profile appearances, like her feature on the Kelly Clarkson show, are valuable, sometimes smaller, more targeted podcasts can yield better financial returns. These platforms often attract niche audiences that are highly relevant to the book’s content.

A standout moment in Amy’s media journey was her interview with Houston Public Media. This appearance not only generated significant attention but also opened doors to unexpected opportunities, such as collaborations with the US Post Office. Amy’s experience illustrates that each media hit, no matter the size, contributes to building momentum. One opportunity often leads to another, creating a ripple effect of exposure.

Navigating Social Media and Ad Campaigns

Social media remains a challenging yet essential part of book promotion. Amy candidly discusses her struggles with managing her online presence and her efforts to learn about Facebook ads. Despite these challenges, she attests to the phenomenal return on investment that social media offers in terms of reach. Her advice to fellow authors is to either get comfortable with handling social media themselves or to hire someone to manage it from the start of their book journey.

The Value of a Dedicated Team

One of Amy’s favorite aspects of working with PRBTB is the sense of teamwork and support she receives. As someone who works from home, the collaborative approach of PRBTB has been invaluable. Every member of the team is dedicated to the success of her book, creating a supportive environment that feels like a family. This team not only celebrates her successes but also shares in the disappointments, providing a comforting sense of camaraderie.

Amy Daughters’ journey with PRBTB highlights the importance of a long-term, persistent approach to book promotion. Whether it’s through sustained media engagements, strategic use of social media, or the support of a dedicated team, the key takeaway is that success in book promotion comes from continuous effort and building lasting relationships. Amy’s experience serves as an inspiring example for authors navigating the complex world of book promotion.


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