Patagonia Tools for Grassroots Activists

Tools for Grassroots Activists


February 1, 2016
Business & Money | Nonprofit Organizations & Charities
ISBN 978-1-938340-44-4
Paperback, 288 pages
6½ x 9½
$24.95 US | $30.99 CAN




Patagonia (Ventura, CA)

Publisher of Tools for Grassroots Activists: Best Practices for Success in the Environmental Movement, edited by Nora Gallagher and Lisa Myers; foreword by Yvon Chouinard


Elena Meredith | 512-481-7096 | | @elenameredith



  • Since 1994, Patagonia has organized a Tools for Grassroots Activists Conference, which hosts 75 environmental activists every two years at South Lake Tahoe
  • In the book, Patagonia gathers the best wisdom and advice from those who teach and lead at the 20-year-old conference, revealing strategies and tools for grassroots campaigns
  • A hands-on case study accompanies each chapter, profiling campaigns from Grist, the Sierra Club and many others
  • Contributors include the best in environmental activism, including Bill McKibben, Wade Davis, Jane Goodall, Annie Leonard, Kristen Grimm, Ben Alexander, Owen Bailey, Diane Brown, the Google Girls, Beth Kanter, Tim Mahoney, Brian O’Donnell and more
  • Edited by Nora Gallagher, Patagonia’s enviro editor, and Lisa Myers, Patagonia’s Environmental Grants Manager, with a foreword by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard
  • Only 1 in 10 nonprofit organizations receive grants; 80% of NGO funding comes through bequests and donations from individuals
  • Large professional environmental organizations (those with budgets over $5 million) make up just 2% of all environmental groups, yet receive more than 50% of all environmental grants and donations from corporations and foundations
  • Through their annual Environmental Grants and Support program, Patagonia donated $6.2 million to environmental work last fiscal year, awarding grants to 741 environmental groups


For over twenty years, Patagonia has organized an invite-only Tools Conference, where experts in the field provide practical training to help environmental activists be more effective. Now Patagonia has captured Tools’ best wisdom and advice for all in a new book, Tools for Grassroots Activists: Best Practices for Success in the Environmental Movement.

The book is a collection of essays written by presenters from past and upcoming conferences, teaching the tricks of the trade and best practices on grassroots organizing, lobbying, campaign planning and communication strategy, getting the most out of social media, fundraising, using new technologies, how to work with business and more. Packaged together with full-color photos, the book also features case studies, inspirational keynotes and “wins,” or uplifting stories of environmental success.

With Tools for Grassroots Activists, Patagonia reaches beyond their annual grants program recipients and the biannual Tools Conference attendees to provide the guidelines and inspiration that every environmental group needs to achieve their goals.


“The work of grassroots activism can be lonely and tiring. This book will remind you that you are not alone in your fight. Every campaign, every action, every step forward – no matter who or where you are – moves with the grace and power of humanity fighting for our best selves in the places we call home.” Father, actor, and co-founder of the Solutions Project and Water Defense, Mark Ruffalo

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