Matt Wilson is a consummate professional performing musician and writer. He first gained national exposure wowing sold-out audiences as the “Piano Man” in the first national tour of Billy Joel and Twyla Tharp’s Tony-award-winning musical, “Movin’ Out.” In 2005, the Texas State Senate honored Matt with a resolution for his achievements in Fine Arts, and in 2016 he was accepted to the Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Roster. His band routinely tours, headlining numerous public, private, and social events of all sizes. His original music has been placed in TV and film, such as Shameless and Once Upon A Time. 

In his recently released first book, Hooks: Lessons on Performance, Business, and Life from a Working Musician, Wilson shares life lessons from decades of experience as a performing musician and business owner. 


Performing under pressure. Improving skills. Managing business. Maintaining relationships. Building confidence. Overcoming doubt and fear. Everyone faces these challenges, and Matt Wilson is no exception. However, after spending almost 30 years as a professional musician, he’s realized that even the most complex issues often have simple solutions, and the many lessons he learned along the journey from barroom stages to Broadway can be applied to other areas in life as well.

Wilson shares 80 life lessons—or Hooks, named after the musical term—covering skills, performance, identity, confidence, expectations, courage, fear, creativity, and business. These simple Hooks are followed by thorough explanations, as well as real-life examples, all presented to help one gain perspective, improve performance, retain confidence, and find balance in life, “onstage,” and in business.


  • Self Improvement Month – September 
    • 10 life lessons (or “Hooks”) that help improve skills, performance, identity, confidence, expectations, courage, fear, creativity, and business
  • National Piano Month – September 
    • Tips from The Piano Man himself. Tips for making money as a musician
    • Read a New Book Month – September 
  • Build a Better Image Week- Sept 19-25
    • Ways to increase your confidence on and off the stage 
    • 3 Simple solutions to build a better image
  • National Work and Family Month- October 
    • How to turn your business into a successful business 
  • National Book Month – October 
  • Stress Awareness Day – November 6 
    • Tips for managing stress as a musician 
  • Holiday – December 
    • Holiday gift for music lovers or graduates
  • New Year – December/January 
    • Find self improvement New Year’s resolutions from reading Hooks
    • How to use the “Hooks” in the book to make 2022 your best year yet